Welcome to Hexsequence

This is a demo of my first full game called Hexsequence. 

A match 3 puzzle game using colour sequences.

Check out Hexsequence.com for more details.

Aim of the Game

Rotate the cluster of tiles to get the incoming balls to change each tile in the sequence of Red > Green > Blue   to make groups of 3 or more and score points.  Different coloured balls change the sequence around.   

Rotate hexes

Clear all the hex tiles around the core tile to win a level.  If any tiles are left that cannot make up a group of 3 or more or the core tile is hit then its game over!

Complete Level


Use keys A/D or left/right arrow keys to rotate the cluster of tiles,  P to pause,  H on some screens for help.  Most of the UI can be navigated using WASD or arrow keys with space to select.


In this demo win all 20 levels to unlock Endless and Ironman modes.  I'm aiming for the full game to have a campaign of  50 levels.

Endless - Play an endless stream of procedurally generated levels.

Ironman - Play a series of  procedurally generated levels without losing a single level. All points scored in each level are totalled up to create an overall score which can be entered into an online high scores table at the end of your run.

All levels in the demo are limited to a cluster of radius 2 or 18 tiles,  the full game will have a maximum radius of 3,  that's an extra 18 tiles for 36 in total!

And finally...

I recommend you play in full screen.

Created with Unity 2018.1 and Paint.net

Audio by DanMax - https://soundcloud.com/maclood

Any donations are most welcome to support me as a solo Indie developer.

I should also mention that this current Mac build is untested but should hopefully work and that the Linux build is completely untested, any feedback on the performance of both would be greatly appreciated.


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Hexsequence-Win 1.0 Demo 23 MB
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